BRP Racing over 20 year’s experience….. Grand Prix rider, Crew chief, Mechanic, Team manager and Owner, Rider Coach and Trainer.

After winning in Australia Ben Reid continued his 250GP race and test rider career in Europe, coached by 500GP/MotoGP world champion Wayne Gardner and although Ben was forced to retire from his racing career early due to injury.  
He continued on to be a highly sort mechanic, crew chief and riding coach in 125GP, 250GP, WSBK, Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP!
Eventually moving on to his own Moto3, Moto2 race team as Team owner, Manager and Crew chief with very success results and Podiums in both Categories of the highly competitive classes.
BRP Racing / Ben Reid had shown what they could achieve in Europe at the highest level, Wayne Gardner 500GP / MotoGP world champion requested Ben Reid run his son Remy Gardner in Moto3 and train, coach and crew chief to make him competitive and prepare him for the moto3 world championship (2016 Moto2 world championship)

Track bikes to Grand Prix and Worldsuperbikes! we have raced them, prepared and built them!
So if you need and tack/race bike setup, engine building, chassis/suspension work or rider training/coaching contact BRP Racing....