BRP Racing / R2M Superbikes Academy
Rider/Racing Skill - Mechanic/Technical development -
Team Management

R2M Thailand Superbikes and Thai MX-GP promotor, the best in the business and over 20 year’s experiance.  Team up with BRP Racing "Ben Reid" over 20 year’s Racing and Grand prix experience….. 

For the ulitimate Rider, Technical  & Team training academy

​BRP Raing  / R2M  Academy - Road Racing

Grand Prix rider - Crew chief - Mechanic - Chassis/Electronics Technician - Team Manager - Team Owner - Coaching - Training

125 GP - 250 GP - Supersport - Superbike - Moto3 - Moto2 -  MotoGP !

BRP Racing has over 20 Years experience including time as Professional Grand Prix Rider, Test Rider, Team Engineer, Team Owner, Team Crew Chief, Chassis Technician, Race engine builder and Rider Coach and Trainer.

We are bringing a new and exciting Academy to Thailand, that will be at the highest level of training with a professional Academy like no other seen before!

For Riders and Teams on how to ride fast and race stronger, prepare / setup racing motorcycles. Also training them in the skills to understand why their racing motorcycle reacts the way it does….. Tyres, Suspension/Chassis, Gearing and Engine Management, Brakes.

Our goal:
Improve the performance of riders, teams, and motorcycles for greater results and understanding of riding, circuits and racing motorcycle..
Whilst also improving the safety and professional level of riders, teams and racing in Thailand.
Helping the elite / professional riders reach the world championship arena and aid the private / rookie riders in closing the lap times to professional riders. 

Personal one on one training / coaching days are avaliable, simply book in advance for your personal rider training day!
BRP Racing moto2 rider on Slick Tyres! - Full Rain Conditions
Remy Gardner - Moto3 rider with Ben Reid
MotoGP rider having intense briefing with Ben Reid
Aprilia - MotoGP